Whitsunday Islands – an Australian paradise

Australia is usually associated with desert-like views and unique animal species. However, there is a place in Australia with a vastly different landscape –  the Whitsunday Islands.

There is an archipelago located in Northeast Australia, between the Great Barrier Reef and the coast. It is made up of 74 islands. The Whitsunday Island is the biggest one and located near Hamilton Island – an island in the shape of a heart. The spot was discovered by the famous British explorer James Cook, who named the islands. There is a lot of tourist infrastructure on the islands, however Hamilton Island has the most remarkable infrastructure. It is a tourist hub with various facilities and attractions – however, because of the domination of tourist resorts, the landscape of the island is the least natural of all the islands in the archipelago. The other ones are much more indigenous and have kept their unique charm despite the amount of visitors. Between the islands, it is advised to travel by sea or by the Ngaro Sea Trail Great Walk. The main attraction of the archipelago are impressive views, best enjoyed from above. Turquoise waters and white sand beaches, among which one of them is considered the most beautiful in the world – Whitehaven, will amaze even those tourists, that are not keen on lazily spent holidays. And you don’t have to limit yourself only to going to the beach, because Whitsunday is full of broad coral reefs, which can be seen while scuba diving or snorkeling. And although temperatures of above 30 degrees Celsius make you want to submerge yourself in the water, you need to resist that temptation for half of the year.

Article was prepared by Whitsundays Day Trip.

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