Yangon – the city frozen in time

For years Mjanma (Burma) was a symbol of the army’s junta’s rules and human rights violations. The sanctions put by the democratic countries caused the effect that it became the country closed for the foreign investors and tourists outside Asia were not brave enough to search for the country of one hundred temples. Recently the positive changes occur here and there is a chance that the sanctions will be lifted. The biggest city of the country is Yangon. Get to know the most beautiful places of the city frozen in time.

Turbulent times

Yangon, primarily named Dagon, was established in XI century and since half of the XIX century it became the English colony. The British domination left only the deteriorated houses of which no one takes care of. For 150 years till 2005 Yangon was a capital city of the country. Currently almost 5 million people live here.


We can find a few lakes in the city, which vicinities are the popular places of leisure for the Yangonu citizens. The biggest of them is Inya, from which the water is partly supplied to the Kandawgyi – the artificial reservoir. Its name is ,,the great royal lake”. We can find a park and a zoo around it of the joined area of above 70 hectares.

Golden barge

On the eastern bank of the Kandawgyi lake there is a gigantic replica of the royal palace – Karaweik barge. Two floors’ building was made of the reinforced concrete and gypsum, its building process was finished in 1974. Currently we can find here the conference rooms and restaurants.

A treasury full of gold

Yangon can be proud of the biggest pagoda in Burma – Shwe Dagon. It is tall for 99 meters and placed on a hill spreading up the 51 meters above the city. It consists of 10 parts, amongst other the crown, terraces and the bells. It is here where the most valuable treasure of the Buddhism is placed – 8 pieces of hair of the Buddha. They are placed together with other kinds of valuables and the gold which quantity can reach even 9 tons.

Tip of hotels

Yangon is the new intrend travel destination for those who loves a less touristy place. Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) is the largest city in Myanmar (formerly Burma). A mix of British colonial architecture, modern high-rises and gilded Buddhist pagodas define its skyline. Its famed Shwedagon Paya, a huge, shimmering pagoda complex, draws thousands of pilgrims annually. The city’s other notable religious sites include the Botataung and Sule pagodas, both housing Buddhist relics.

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