Your first flight, step by step.

The screens in the departure halls project flight numbers and their corresponding gates. The first ones to board an airplane are customers, who bought a special priority boarding ticket, are travelling with a class that has priority boarding included in the ticket or are let in early for other reasons (this applies for example for families with children).

At the gate, you need to, once again, show your boarding pass and documentation. Then, depending on the airport, we take an air bridge directly into the airplane or enter a bus that will take you to the machine.

Boarding the airplane
During boarding, the cabin crew will guide you to your seat or, if there is no assigned seating, advise you, where to settle. Passengers usually prefer a window seat (they offer the best view and the most privacy) or an aisle seat.

Services onboard the airplane
When passengers place their hand luggage in the designated places and take their seats, the cabin crew shows, how to properly fasten your seatbelts, use your oxygen masks and points to the security exits. Then, the passengers are asked to fasten their seatbelts and raise the window curtains. After the machine has reached a certain altitude, the windows can be shut again, and the seatbelt may be unfastened. At this point, the captain often greets the passengers through the speakers and gives information about the flight, such as the time of the flight, the altitude and outside conditions.

In budget airlines you are often presented with a free magazine located in the seat pouch, where you can find the prices of goods you can purchase on the flight. In practice, the sales are conducted from a cart, pushed through the corridor by the cabin crew. If there is a need, you can use the toilet or stretch your legs by taking a short walk along the cabin.

During long-to-medium-haul flights, depending on the class, you can often get a free meal and drinks. The passengers have access to movies, TV shows, music, games, and even free wi-fi in some machines.

The landing.
When the airplane is about to approach the destination, the passengers are once again asked to fasten their seatbelts. After the landing procedure has ended, the doors open and the passengers are free to leave the cabin. And, once again, depending on the airport, you either enter the building through an air bridge or enter a designated bus. Then, the passengers go through passport control and leave the airport.

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