Zakynthos – a pearl among Greek islands

Holidays on Zakynthos

The Greek island of Zakynthos, a popular getaway of the Ionian Sea, is one of the most beautiful spots in Southern Europe. The Best Greek Islands To Visit For Couples. This beauty is caused by the breathtaking coastline, turquoise water and tons of flora – it is often called “the greenest island of Greece”. The most symbolic spot in the island is the Navagio Bay, which is the home of a beach decorated with a shipwreck. It is the site of all postcards and websites about the Ionian island. It is now not only a symbol of Zakynthos, but Greece as a whole. What else is there to see? Explore the most interesting options!

Porto Vromi

Porto Vromi can be reached by a curvy, tangled pathway from Anafonitria town. It is a rather small  village of fishermen. The bay it is located in is surrounded by rocky cliffs similar to fiords. The water is breathtakingly blue and completely transparent. Tourists here are very happy to sunbathe on a small sandy beach. The nearby tavern serves meals and the small harbor rents out pedalos. From there, you can also take a boat to places like the the Shipwreck Bay. Porto Vromi and its surroundings are best explored by boat – it is impossible not to notice the odd-shaped caves and the stone facade.


Another place on Zakynthos that is worth visiting is the Keri Peninsula, located on the south coast of the island. The village, named after the peninsula, amazes with its antique style – it has Venetian villas and narrow streets with atmospheric cafeterias. The landscape is full of unique olive groves – the island produces high-quality olive oil. One of the available attractions is a cruise to the Marathonissi island and a nearby cave. While in Keri, remember to visit the lighthouse – it houses a great, panoramic view of the Mizithres Rocks. The sight is similar to that of the Capri Coast. The rocks here, surrounded by miniature-like boats, mystically pop up from the dark blue sea.

Vassilikos and Porto Zoro

Vassilikos is one of the most beautiful peninsulas of Zakynthos and the easternmost point of the island. It is known for breathtaking views made of steep cliffs, wild forests and white sand beaches. The spot houses some great infrastructure – however, hotels and restaurants on Vassilikos are not the cheapest. Porto Zoro is one of the most amazing places there – it is a fantastic, moon-shaped beach surrounded by rocks.

Agios Sostis

Another thing to see on Vassilikos is the Gerakas Beach, located at its peak. It is certainly one of the most beautiful on the peninsula, and the presence of Caretta Turtles is a great sign of its cleanliness and soft sand. While sunbathing in this part of the coastline, you are presented with a view of unique, grand cliffs. However, Zakynthos has one more fantastic attraction – Agios Sostis, which is a small village between the towns of Laganas and Keri. It lures the tourists in with its panoramic island accessible by a wooden bridge. The island is perfect for sunbathing (it has a small, private beach) and, during the evening, it is the site of loud parties.

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