Barcelona: 6 places worth seeing?

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia-The architectural masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi is a mandatory point on the Catalan capital map. It impresses with its size, especially against the background of Barcelona’s average build. The plans show that the architect assumed that the building would be much higher. Being on the spot is worth to climb the narrow steps on one of the towers-for the view of the magnificent city and Mrowia architectural details, which can not be seen from the bottom.

Casa Mila
Also known as “La Pedrera” is one of Gaudi’s most famous creations, which in Barcelona is a lot. This House lies on the way from the center of the city north towards another great attraction – Park Güell, where the work of the Great Architect are various objects and structures from benches to fairytale Terlago:. In Poland popular is the name “Casa Mila”. In Spain, the building is said to be “La Predrera”, which means “quarry”.

FC Barcelona Museum
The FC Barcelona Museum is a specific Barcelona attraction, which attracts more than a million visitors every year. It is not a temptation for everyone – but the lovers of the great Catalan football club are not missing in the world and will happily pay a dozen euros for a ticket to explore the stadium where Lionel Messi glitters.

Barcelona ZOO
Barcelona ZOO visitors have a annual no less than the FC Barcelona Museum. In addition to sightseeing offers other attractions such as animal shows.

Picasso Museum
In the picture we see the patio of the house where the Museum of the great Painter is located. Just finding this place of high culture in the maze of alleys and tenement houses of Barcelona’s Barrio quarter is a tourist challenge.

The Pan’s Club – el born barcelona
When it comes to fresh and delicious vegetarian food in Barcelona it’s only in the Pan’s Club. The kitchen serves a variety of French and Mediterranean delicacies. The dishes are prepared by a French chef who once trained in the prestigious Ecole Ferrand. For those on the go the restaurant will offer us a lunch box with a quiche, salad and smoothie. It’s really good food, and the cocktails are delicious. If you are a vegetarian and have just visited Barcelona, make sure to choose there. You can read more on

The Pan’s Club
Plaça de la Llana,16, 08003, Barcelona –
Phone: 932 776 827

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