Copenhagen – The biggest attractions

You’ll definitely fall in love with relaxed, Copenhagen lifestyle and friendly atmosphere. That is a town which combines a charm of past and Andersen’s fairytales with modernity and inhabitants’ entertaining character.

Copenhagen is inspiring, beautiful. It allows you to catch breath and in the same time it lure you with loosing oneself within urban environment. The city enchants by its history and port-climate. The good news for everyone is that all of those who have never been in Copanhagen, there i salso a capital of Denmark. It is not too big and perfect for walkings. It is a perfect town for the weekend. Even a short tri is enough to get to the most important points on the map of town with no rush, one of the most beautiful European capitals. You can also visit the capital of Denmark by bike. There are a lot of borrowing facilities. However you can also travel by housebout. The city is charming baceause of the location over the seaport strait and canals entering deeper into the city.

The capital and the biggest town of Denmark – Copenhagen – situated on the Island and even two! It extends from the East Coast of Zealand to the Amager Island, with which it is connected by Bridges. For many people the capital of Denmark represents the best from the water side. The route by touristy houseboat leads from monument of siren to the Opera building and The Royal library called „The Black Diamond”. The „Siren” is a legendary figure. She is now 100 years old and she is the most photographed woman (next to queen) in Denmark.

However the most often photographed place in that country is a historic Nyhavn port. It is definitely the most scenic corner of Copenhagen, captivating by colourful tenement houses, busy cafes, and restaurants. This place is by many years under 67 number, lately under 18 lived Andersen.

The obligatory and temporary point of each trip is guard briefing near the Amalienborg Palace. The Amalienborg since 1794 year is an official residence of Danish Royal families. It is called the royal, winter palace because usually it is used by Danish monarch by November to March. It is worth to get here during a formal ceremony of change of guard and see guardsmen in historic costumes, with caps made of bears’ fur. Daily (in the afternoon) you can watch how they convey a post. On Sunday during presence of queen in palace, modification of post has especially ceremonial luminaire – there is a military band involved. There is a possibility of watching the palace from a different perspectives. The perfectly visible is from the water site. Let’s watch it during canals cruise.

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