Dental tourism affordable for everyone

Dental treatment is very expensive although it is the twenty-first century and the medicine development is at the highest level. Unfortunately, some treatments such as dental implants are very expensive and not everyone is able to have the services of the dentists. However, now it can change when you select dental tourism.

What is the dental tourism?

It is a completely new form of travelling. You simply get on the plane, arrive in the country where the dental treatment, including root canal treatment and dental implants are affordable much cheaper than in your home country.

The most popular dental tourism destinations

There are a lot of countries that provide the dental tourism services. They are mainly located in Asia, but there is one country that is located in Europe and in European Union. It is called Poland and it is located in the Central Part of Europe.

The country consists of numerous cities worth visiting during your stay in Poland. Some of them are following:

-Gdańsk- it is a port city located in the north of Poland by the Gdansk Bay. It is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

It is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It is the sixth biggest place in Poland as well as the sixth most populated. During staying in Gdansk, it is worth to visit the interesting sights, including the Main Town Hall, Artus Court, the Neptune’s Fountain and the St. John’s Gate.

-Warsaw- it is the capital of Poland. It is located on the banks of the River Vistula in the Central Poland. It is a cultural city of Poland where you may find numerous sights such as Royal Castle, huge Market Square and many more. Furthermore, it is also worth seeing the most popular and sophisticated museum in the city- the Copernicus Science Centre that is visited by about 1 million tourists annually.

-Poznan- it is city located in the Wielkopolska region, it is famous for two goats that are located at the town hall’s clock. They are real symbol of the city. During your stay in the city, it is worth to visit the Lech Brewery Museum and Cytadela Park.

-Zakopane- it is considered to be a winter capital of Poland. The city is located in the Tatra Mountains, in the south region of Poland. The city is famous for Krupowki street where you may purchase many artefacts related to mountain manufactured by local producers, such as cheese and coats made of leather. If you are not afraid of climbing and mountain hiking, you may see the most beautiful peaks of Polish mountains, for example Kasprowy Wierch, Giewont and Gubałówka.

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