The 4 most popular Greek islands for holidays


It is the largest island in Greece and has everything you need for a dream holiday – beautiful beaches, interesting monuments (the Palace of Knossos!) and the enchanting harbour towns (Rethymnon, Chania).

Nestled in the mountains of the village offer an idyllic climate, and crossing the road goat and sheep is a permanent element of the landscape.

In terms of vacation Crete can be divided into two parts-the north is more touristic and crowded, while in the south you can find secluded, more peaceful places.


The second most popular island in Greece lies right now on the border between Europe and Asia. It belongs to the larger Greek islands and in terms of popularity among tourists ranks 2. Place.

Rhodes can boast a very wide range of 4-star hotels. In addition, it is a very sunny island and in the summer months practically never rains. Therefore, from there you will surely return Opaleni!


Greek island like a dream! The pictures speak for themselves-the scenery of Santorini is truly cinematic! It is no wonder that the weddings of tourists in Santorini are so popular. And they are, trust!

Santorini all foreign tourists also cling to Oia to watch the unique sunset. The views are beautiful, but huge crowds make this place partially loses its romantic character.

In addition to its white construction, Santorini’s blue roofs are also characterized by interesting beaches – including black and red. In Kamari, on the black Beach you can admire surfers trying to subdue high waves. Such a spectacle really makes an impression!


This is a wonderful holiday destination for families with children, because compared to Crete, Kos is a very peaceful island. Interestingly, by tourists on a larger scale it was discovered only in the years 80. Last century.

What is the character of Kos? Especially beautiful beaches and large hotel facilities. In the past season, many objects blew their emptiness due to the migratory crisis. From the time of the refugee agreement which was concluded between the European Union and Turkey, the situation in Kos came back to normal. There are no refugees on the streets, and tourists are getting more and more.

Kos is a small island with low mountains and good infrastructure. Kilometers of bike paths tend to make an active holiday, and many beaches allow you to spend time a little more lazy.

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