Things to do & The Best Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to Stay At

What’s things to do in Kuala lumpur? Are you going to the capital of Malaysia or would you like to know something interesting about this city? Kuala Lumpur attractions:

1. Twin Towers – Petronas Towers

If you were in Kuala Lumpur and have not seen the twin tower, it’s like you’re not here. Petronas is a national symbol and the pride of the city as well as throughout Malaysia. These are the highest twin towers in the world, each measuring 452 meters. Between 1998 and 2003 year were the tallest buildings in the world. Nowadays, the grew of foreign competition and their former status can only be remembered, which does not change the fact that they make an impression, and the man becomes a little. The constructor of the tower is Argentinean, César Pelli, the same who designed the glass tower (La Torre de Cristal) in Madrid. It is very spieszyło to the Malay government to build the two tallest buildings in the world. To speed up the constructions they came up with a brilliant idea: each of the towers was passed to the construction of another company, so that they were competing with each other. One tower was created by the Japanese, the other by Koreans. Between the two buildings runs the bridge Skybridge, now the highest in the world, which can be visited absolutely free! Ticket offices are opened at 8:30 in the morning, however, to receive a ticket, it is advisable to arrive in advance.

2. The national Mosque

Masjid Negara is a religious center, the most important temple of Muslim in Kuala Lumpur and a symbol of Islam throughout the country. It is an extraordinary place, full of peace and harmony. The mosque was built in a modern style, where geometric and abstract forms reign. The area is huge, it can accommodate fifteen thousand believers and occupies over five acres of area. It is open to visitors for free, but you should be aware of the appropriate clothes and shoe photo. This means that you can only enter the costumes in which Muslims go.

3. Dataran Merdeka

Malay Dataran Merdeka means “Independence Square”. It was here that it was declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1957 years and this fact Przypieczętowano the hanging of a huge flag. Apparently the mast to which was Przczepiona, one of the tallest in the world and measured about 100 meters high.

4. The Jamek Mosque

In English Jamek Mosque and in the Malay language of Masjid Jamek, this mosque is located exactly at the mouth of two rivers Klang and Gombak. It is the oldest mosque in the city and a haven of peace in Kuala Lumpur’s busy centre.

5. The Maison Boutique – best hotel in KL.

Hotel Maison Boutique is one of the highest-quality 4-star hotels and is definitely the best boutique hotel in the capital city of Malaysia. The attention of visitors attracts already the façade-ceglasto red with cut patterns. Thanks to its uniqueness, it is hard to confuse the hotel building with another.

6. The spectacle of lights

The spectacle of lights in front of Suri’s shopping mall, next to the Petronas Towers is a small artificial lake called the Symphony, and on this lake evening there are light shows. The colourful colour game and atmospheric music make it even in downtown Kuala Lumpur, where you can relax after a busy day of work.

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