Warsaw Walking Tour

Classic Warsaw Tour

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, has been the epicenter of some of the most dramatic events in European history: world war two, holocaust, communism… There`s truly no other city in Europe with more powerful past. History is present at every step and it`s crucial to learn it to understand what you see.

This guided Warsaw tour provides a perfect introduction to the city. It explores the main highlights and stories – from Warsaw’s very beginning in the Middle Ages, through the centuries when it was the capital of the largest country in Europe, total destruction during the second world war, soviet occupation and communism, to contemporary changes.

UNESCO-enlisted Old Town

Most of the Classic Warsaw Tour explores the historic center, filled with beautiful palaces and churches. They remind of the most glorious time in Warsaw’s history, when it was the capital city of the Pol­ish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the largest, most democratic, tolerant and multicultural country in Europe.

It`s the most beautiful part of Polish history. On this walking tour of Warsaw you will learn some of the most unusual stories in Europe`s history, i.e. how a gay man or a woman were elected kings of Poland…

This area – the Warsaw Old Town and its surroundings – is usually a big surprise for visitors. Most people who visit Poland`s capital don`t expect it to look so gorgeous.

If you`ve never been to Warsaw, probably you imagine a grey, modern, stalinist city – the result of total destruction during the second world war and Soviet-style urban planning.

The Classic Warsaw Tour explains how it happened that Warsaw was the most destroyed city during the second world war. It`s crucial to understand it. Only 70 years ago Warsaw was a huge, quiet, empty, burned, ghost cemetery of rubble and ruins. The population was less than one thousand…

Following the war, the city`s historic district became the place of the largest reconstruction effort ever. That achievement was recognized when the Warsaw Old Town was enlisted by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

In Warsaw Tourism Center we believe it`s the most powerful experience in Warsaw: when you stroll down dozens of streets filled with renaissance, baroque and neo-classical houses, richly ornated historical churches, former nobility palaces… and realize it`s actually all new.

How is it possible? Our walking tour of Warsaw will tell you a fascinating story of a “phoenix city”, the only of its kind.

New, modern Warsaw

From the oldest part of Warsaw, the tour moves on to the most modern one – the new, growing business center, to get a feel for the contemporary face of the city. Today, just a few decades after total destruction, Warsaw is one of the most thriving and growing European cities of two million.

To make this story complete, on Classic Warsaw Walking Tour you will also see icons of the communist architecture to learn how communism changed the landscape and character of Warsaw forever. After the war, Poland`s capital was to become a perfect socialist city. On the tour, you will learn good and bad results from this urban experiment.

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