What are we going to eat on vacation, or the cuisine in 5 popular amongst tourists European countries

When going on vacation to European resorts, many tourists rub their hands together, thinking of fresh seafood, fancy tapas, handmade pasta or delicious salads they are going to eat. What kind of cuisine can we expect in popular for tourists countries?


The Italian cuisine is heavily influenced by spices: oregano, basil, tarragon, thyme, rosemary. Also, quite commonly used are parmesan, olive oil, tomatoes, onions and garlic, as well as olives. It is no secret that this cuisine specializes in pasta dishes, but also in fish and seafood. Each of the country’s regions have their own culinary specialties. In the north there is rice and polenta, in the south there are countless types of pasta and olives. Emilia-Romagna is the homeland of stuffed dumplings, Sicily and Siena are famous for desserts, Bologna for meat sauce, and Naples for traditional pizza.


Portuguese cuisine is simple, but very nutritious. Seafood, fish and meat dominates here. Popular is _ bacalhau _ (dried, salted cod), sweet grilled sardines or tripe with white beans. Served here is also pork, cooked with molluscs. In the restaurant menu you can often find meat, fish or vegetable stews. Portuguese cuisine is also rich in soups. The most popular are _ caldo verde _ (from Galician cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic and chourico slices) and sopa de pedra (from red beans, carrots and several other ingredients). Eggs appear quite often in Portuguese cuisine. They are served on potatoes, steak or toast, traditional Portuguese grilled sardines Phot. Elena Dijour


Greek cuisine is simple and healthy. It consists of large quantities of garlic, olive oil, vine leaves, tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs, mutton, lamb and fish. The most characteristic dish of this cuisine is _ Moussaka _ – a casserole made of minced meat, eggplant, tomato sauce and covered with béchamel sauce. The popular tzatziki sauce also comes from Greece, made from yoghurt, garlic and fresh cucumber. One of the most popular soups in the Greek cuisine is fasolada, but one should also not forget about avgolemono, or sauces and soups based on eggs and lemon juice. In Greece, the equivalent of Spanish tapas, is mezes – bread, usually served with a slice of feta cheese and a few olives, topped with olive oil and seasoned.


Although the tastes are not to be disputed, Spanish cuisine is amongst the most delicious in the world. Seafood, dried sausage, _ tapas _, _ churros _ or _ paella _ are charasterical dishes from this country. Tortilla is also quite popular, but do not expect a pancake with stuffing. The Spanish tortilla is an omelette prepared from eggs and potatoes, as well as other ingredients.                                  Fish and seafood reign in the north of the country. From mountain areas, come ham and sausages, from which stews with beans are prepared. The cuisine of Catalonia is characterized by sweet and savory dishes. In this place, olives, rice, oranges, almonds and saffron are combined with seafood. This is where the paella comes from, and fuet is a popular sausage. In Andalusia, grilled meats, fried sardines and squid are prepared, as well as sauces with caraway or saffron, with tomatoes and peppers. This is also where the Spanish cold soup – gazpacho _ come from, as well as tapas that are popular all over the country. In Andalusia, sweets are made from mashed almonds. In Spain, served are venison, pheasants and partridges. Popular here are one-pot dishes, for example dishes made of stewed beans or peas, which are served with bread.


Georgia is famous for its delicious and nutritious cuisine. Ripening in the sun tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are served here with mutton and special additions: nuts or seeds of pomegranate. But the hallmark of Georgian cuisine is definitely khachapuri, pancakes baked with cheese, served in various variants, e.g. with egg or bean paste. Another showcase of Georgian cuisine are the Khinkali dumplings. They are filled with minced meat (mutton or pork) and broth, which should be skillfully consumed, and then eat the rest. A popular dish in Georgia is also lobio – a soup or stew made of beans. Sweets are also present in Georgian cuisine. Only here, you can eat sweet bread nazuki or tklapi – a pressed puree made of fruit. Curiously-looking Georgian dessert is called churczchela – nuts put on a thread and covered with concentrated grape juice or caramel, called by some Georgian snickers.

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