Why you should get a Local Guide

An adventure to an exotic country is great by itself, but a wonderful guide can take your trip to another level. The information, stories, and tips that you’ll get from him or her will certainly make you look at their city in a different way. Still not sold? Read in for a couple more reasons why you should hire a tour guide on your upcoming adventure.

Local tour guides know their city

These people know their cities inside and out. In countries brimming with tourists, you will find this particularly useful as you will get to experience the city like a local, and get a different view of their culture, cuisine, history, and art.

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Local tour guides are flexible

They have to be. Things don’t always work out as planned. For instance, if your little one is about to throw a fit, you may have to switch out the next architectural wonder for a cake shop. A great guide will be able to use their knowledge and contacts in the area to adapt to your needs at a moment’s notice. They will be able to help you change tours, switch transportation options, book dinner reservations, among other things, taking the pressure of you.

Local tour guides know how to get you through the crowd

It sucks to spend hours in line just to see specific attractions when you’ve only got so long in the city. With a guide, you may be able to get past the crowd and make the best of your time by zipping from place to place, even if it’s somewhere you decided to see 10 minutes ago.

Local tour guides want to teach you

Guides pick up on knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including culture, art, architecture, history, and cuisine. They know what they’re talking about. Additionally, they have experience in interacting with a wide variety of customers. Great guides will be just as able to keep the little ones interested as they are able to wow the adults with the history of a building’s architecture.

Local tour guides are needed at some places

If you are visiting a country that is hard to navigate such as India, Africa, or South Korea, a tour guide can mean the difference between a subpar trip and a fantastic one. Chances are, you don’t speak the local language and will be unable to pick up on a great number of things. If you hire a tour guide for the whole trip, you’ll be benefiting from their knowledge and street smarts. The places and things they will show you will make your destination come alive!

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