10 Interesting facts about Canada you don’t know

  1. Maybe we can surprise a few people, because Toronto is not the capital of Canada. It is also not Montreal or Calgary, and only the fourth in terms of Ottawa. Ottawa was officially established the capital of this country on December 31, 1857 the decision of Queen Victoria. It was motivated by the advantages of the city, which was the most important: a good railway connection with other cities and a strategic location.
  2. The currency in force is the Canadian dollar.
  3. Just after Russia it is the second largest country in the world.
  4. Canada is sometimes called the country of Maple Leaf
  5. The length of the longest river in this country is 4241 km, it is MacKenzie.
  6. Canada has two official languages: English and French.
  7. 90% of Canadian residents lives at a distance of 160 km from the United States border.
  8. The word “Canada” in the language of the Indians means “big village”.
  9. Legal twisting right on a red light? The most! However, keep in mind that there is no priority in this situation. Such a recipe works everywhere except Montreal (before entering the city, the authorities have set up large boards to alert unconscious drivers).
  10. On the small island of Sark there is the smallest prison in the world-Sark Prison. Its total area is 24.3 m2. At first glance, it’s hard to guess what kind of building it is and what it functions as it looks like a small Barak. The prison has been operating since 1856 to bring order to the island inhabited by 600 people. At the same time, two people can be trapped in this building, but the needs of this island are not larger. Usually the prisoner stay is limited to one night for minor appearances. Legend has it that the evening season is set to be horrific by the white
  11. Bonus. Some countries must apply for visa to Canada. Application Canadian Visa.

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