How about a good leather trouser strap for a traveler?

The trouser strap is an integral part of practically every masculine styling. It’s an add-on that can make your image and style a lot of life or, unfortunately, when it’s unsuitable, you will lose a lot. Whether you’re wearing casual clothes when you go out to meet friends, or going for a more formal meeting where a business outfit is in place, the strap is an add-on that’s worth noting, the more that we don’t buy it Every day.

What kind of skin to a good strap?

The types of skins are many: veneers, suede, Nubuck, Anillic, Nappalan and others. For elegant and timeless straps where quality counts, however, it is best suited for grain hand-made leather belts. It has a very high resistance to dirt and moisture, which is called long-lasting. In addition, it allows you to get the straps a beautiful color depth.

What buckle?

To make the bar a timeless and always elegant buckle also needs to be-simple and without unnecessary strangements. All kinds of flashy elements type huge subtitles with the name of the designer, studs, or sequins of the elegant guy just do not fit.

How to choose the right size of the strap?

The choice of strap size is a very important issue, because too large will not fulfill its trouser support function, and too small will simply cause pain by too strong squeezing our body.

It has been assumed that the strap should be fasted to the middle hole. Hence they have taken their specific size. For example, the size of the 90 bar is measured from the center of the strap hole to the beginning of the buckle.

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