Krakow – a city for active people

Krakow is one of the most beautiful Polish cities and there’s a lot happening here. Thousands of restaurants, clubs, a lot of monuments and museums – this city is teeming with life! Krakow is visited annually by over 13 million tourists who are willing to return in the following years. It is impossible to see all the attractions here in a few days! The Old Town is the most representative part of the city, which has a unique atmosphere and unusual monuments.

The nightlife of Main Square will stay in your memory for a long time and will surprise you with a new face every night. Almost every district of Krakow has many interesting attractions to offer! Be sure to visit Zakrzowek here – surrounded by lush greenery and a water-filled quarry, which also has a diving centre. An interesting place is also Nowa Huta, once a workers’ district with an interesting urban layout. There you will find a museum of PRL showing life in communist Poland – here you will see everyday objects from the past and photos documenting the time of the absurd and deprivation. If you want to know the unobvious face of Krakow, go to one of the many mounds: the best known are the mound of Krak, Kosciuszko and Pilsudski. A beautiful view of the entire panorama of the city spreads from the mounds, especially at sunset.

However, not only the charms of the city await you here, but also entertainment in the open air! Krakow is surrounded by forests and fields, rocky and mountainous terrain, so it’s a great place for outdoor games. Together with your friends, you can buy a trip to paintball or rafting – professional service, top quality equipment and additional attractions during the trip  guaranteed! If you want to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life, be sure to go for a fully organized quad biking! Regardless of the weather, you can experience an amazing adventure by combing wild fields and obstacles on a quad.

During the expedition, everything is possible – there is no single scenario here. You do not have to worry about getting there – a special bus will take you from the centre and drive you back to a convenient place. The only thing you have to prepare is sports, comfortable clothing and a desire to have fun. 4×4 vehicles are waiting for you, which are able to comb the most difficult terrain: mud, streams, forest paths and fields. An amazing shot of adrenaline guaranteed! When going to quad biking, you can be sure not only of unforgettable impressions, but also professional service that will take care of you and help in every situation – the steering wheel, however, belongs to you! Grab it in hand, add the gas and penetrating unspoiled wilderness.

In Krakow you can also take advantage of other attractions in the area – one of the most exciting is white water rafting in Krakow. You can feel the power of a mountain stream and face the forces of nature near Krakow. Check an offer for an organized groups here: For lovers of thrills awaits a course shooting with Kalashnikov and exciting hours spent on professional shooting range!

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