What is your next destination?

Luxury Poland company gives you the answer – Poland! Can you imagine that you can visit many beautiful places being in one country? The sea coast, beautiful forests and lakes, mountain ranges that are hidden high in the sky and many architectural masterpieces attract tourists from all over the world to Poland. In this country, there is something special that you must see. We offer the top interesting places in Poland, an acquaintance that will not leave you indifferent.


The former capital of Poland is one of the most visited places in Europe. Most of Krakow’s guests are fascinated by its magical atmosphere and amazing architecture. Here you can see medieval cathedrals, the Renaissance castle, the cathedrals in the Baroque style, the theatre in the Art Nouveau style (Art Nouveau) and many other historic buildings. However, despite the beauty and historical originality of the city, do not think that the image of Krakow is limited to its buildings and museums. Thanks to a wide variety of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants, Krakow is full of life, which is especially noticeable in the summer.

The Tatras

The Tatras are the highest mountains located between the Alps and the Caucasus. The tops of the mountains are covered with eternal snow cover, and sharp mountain ranges, colorful lakes, and waterfalls are considered as the most spectacular in Poland. Even the most capricious skiers and hikers will be satisfied by 250 km of routes and different types of mountain slopes. We also advise you to visit Zakopane – a tourist town at the foot of the mountains, attracting with its extraordinary beauty and original mountain folklore.


This destination is a colorful territory with about 3,000 lakes. Mazury is the number one destination for sailing enthusiasts, fishermen, hikers, cyclists and people looking for peace and place to relax. In addition to water sports and making regular walks, you can also visit many historical places: castles in Resale, Nidzica, and Gizycko, the magnificent Church in the Baroque style, as well as the headquarters of Hitler during the Second World War, located in the woods near Kętrzyn.


The cheerful seaside town is a destination for tourists and everyone who wants to relax. Located on the seashore, Gdansk has a mild climate and beautiful beaches. The exceptional architecture of the Old town, together with its largest brick-built Gothic Church in the world, is certainly worth attention. The real image of the city is created by the intricate history of its existence. Gdansk changed its owners for many years, and the month of August 1980 is considered the date of the collapse of the Communist system in Europe.


The capital of Poland, reconstructed after the Second World War almost from scratch. Warsaw is proud of its business center with many skyscrapers and plans to build more of them. The horizon line, against which the grandiose building of the Palace of culture and science is seen – a gift to the poles from Stalin, still attracts the attention of passers-by. Warsaw is a huge world with Eastern European features. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Old town, the Royal route, the Chopin Museum, the majestic palaces, and the former Jewish ghetto.


The old part of the city was built on several Islands connected by more than 100 bridges. The capital of Lower Silesia is famous for its diverse architecture, especially Gothic, Baroque and modern. The extremely complex history, cultural heritage of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria left their traces on Wroclaw. After the Second World War, the Germans were evicted from Wroclaw; the city was inhabited by Poles, who moved mainly from Lviv.

Any destination you choose Luxury Poland will create for you an unforgettable trip to Poland. We always care about showing you Poland from its best sides and feel like a special guest of this country.

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