What’s worth seeing in Sri Lanka? 5 Most beautiful places

Sri Lanka is an island of diversity. There are high mountains and oceans, green fragrant tea plantations, parks full of exotic animals, ancient cities and unusual rock temples. To this amazing atmosphere, which in vain to find in other places in the world. The famous island of Ceylon is a place for everyone.

1. Tea plantations – Sri Lanka’s green gold

A distinctive feature of Sri Lanka’s landscape is the tea plantations. Apparently the best of its varieties grow on slopes above 1 – 2 thousand. M ASL The tea of Ceylon boasts a high quality not only due to favourable climatic conditions, but also traditional, often manual ways of its collection. Lovers of tea landscapes should go to Haputale – a charming town at an altitude of 1500 meters, in the center of the hilly region of Hill Country. The area around Haputale is famous for its vast, green half – it was here at the end of the nineteenth century that Sir Thomas Lipton built his tea empire.

2. Anuradhapura – City of Ruins

The ruins of Anuradhapury, included in the UNESCO list, are the ideal idea for a day-long tour. This ancient city, founded in the third century B.C., is full of sacral monuments. For the price of one ticket you can explore all the attractions within it, m.in. Temple Mahavihara with the sacred tree of Sri Maha Bodhi, the remains of the Citadel or the monasteries of Ruwanweli, Abajagiri and Dźetawanarama. It is worth remembering that even if we travel tuk-tukami, they can stay in front of the entrance to a specific place and ask for a ticket.

3. Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa, another point of “cultural triangle”, is smaller than Anuradhapury and much younger, which is better preserved. Moreover, it is located near the Minnerija National Park and the famous rock fortress-Sigirija. That’s why many tourists choose the ruins of Polonnaruwy for all-day exploration. It is an extraordinary city, also appearing on the UNESCO list, its splendor experienced 800 years ago.

4. Golden Temple of Dambulla

It is one of the most popular temples in Sri Lanka, situated in its central part in the town of Dambulla. This is really a complex of five grottoes that have been established over many centuries. Until the 18th century. The oldest of them, the Temple of the King of God, prides itself on being carved in the rock before more than 2000 years ago by the statue of the lying Buddha. The largest is the Maharaja Wihara, with the most beautiful murals that depict the history of the island and the scenes of Buddha’s life.

5. Udawalawe National Park – Kingdom of Elephants

The Udawalawe national Park includes an area of 30,000 euro. Ha and is focused around the lake Uda Walawe. It is one of the best places to observe elephants – around 800 people live in the area. These are both wild animals and those still in need of human help.

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